Pain is a terrible sensation that impacts a pet’s mental  and emotional well being. Normally a result of some sort of tissue damage, pain is the body’s attempt to react and prevent further damage. Inflammation is similar as it is the body’s attempt to recognize something is wrong and to begin the immune system’s process of repairing it. Pain and inflammation are naturally occurring, but they can compound when coupled with various conditions and diseases.

CAUSES OF pain and inflammation

Pain and inflammation are the result of so many health conditions in both people and pets, they can be hard to diagnose independently. Working with your veterinarian to understand the root causes of inflammation and pain is always the first step in coming up with a treatment plan for your dog. Pain can also be associated with some untreatable condition, such a cancer, but that doesn’t mean your pet needs to suffer.


A host of pharmaceuticals exist to treat pain and inflammation, but sadly many of them create as many problems as they solve. Narcotics are often prescribed for pain, and they can have nasty side effects and leave your pet sluggish and lethargic. Working alongside your vet to use natural products like CBD can not only reduce inflammation and treat pain, but leave your dog closer to their normal self than pharmaceuticals can.