Dogs will sometimes lose their appetites. This can happen with older dogs, especially, but younger dogs may also go through periods where food is less than desirable to them. Stimulating their appetites by enticing them with something that is delicious often will get them to start eating. Suddenly, they seem to realize they really are hungry. Even finicky eaters will love these flakes we’ve designed just for them.

Our Canine Appetite Flakes are made with 100% USDA inspected real Bison and Beef flakes. They are guaranteed to help with digestion as they stimulate your dog’s appetite and interest in food again. Just sprinkle the flakes on top of the food, and get out of their way. Your dog will eat like a puppy again.

Pet Med Labs animal products help pets live their best life. Our products are formulated and endorsed by leading veterinarians and loved by dogs around the world. We use only the purest 100% USDA Human Grade Beef Liver. Everything we make is non-narcotic, grain and gluten free, handmade in the US with US ingredients, and contains no fillers or preservatives.


We pride ourselves in developing natural and safe products to help your pets enjoy a better life. Our Canine Appetite Flakes are another fine example of our dedication to provide only the best ingredients. The Beef and Bison used are 100% Human Grade meat that has been inspected by the United States Department of Agriculture for quality control. Only the best for your pet! Nothing less. Nothing extra.

  • No fillers
  • Grain-free
  • Gluten-free


  • 100% Human Grade USDA inspected Bison Liver
  • 100% Human Grade USDA inspected Beef Liver

Dosage Recommendations
Sprinkle a few flakes over the top of their food in the dish, and then stand back and watch them eat. It’s enticing, delicious, and good for them, too.

4.5 ounces