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Aging & Wellness

Most dogs live to be about 10-12 years old, with many variations across breeds. While the senior years occur at different ages for different dogs, most dogs over 7 are no longer young pups and they deserve different attention and care than they did in their younger years. They’ve been around the dog park a few times, and by now you know how much they love you – taking care of them into their old age is not only a responsibility, but also a blessing.

Age Related Ailments

While many dogs enter their golden years in fantastic health, they often experience a bit less energy and stamina than they did as puppies and they take a longer time to recover from long runs or injuries. They’re also more susceptible to cancers, aging teeth, and organ problems. To keep your dog in optimal health, it’s important that you pay a bit more attention to their behavior as they age.

Treating Dog Pain while Maintaining Health

Older dogs should see the vet at least twice a year, and it’s recommended that they have blood panels to detect the early signs of internal diseases.

Similarly, if you see prolonged changes in your dog’s behavior or mood, you should definitely pop into the vet. One of the best things you can do for your dog as he ages is to provide him with a healthy diet, plenty of treats, and lots of fresh air and exercise.

Our Senior Pet CBD Treats are just one way to promote the optimal health of your animal as he ages. We’ve packed them full of the nutrients senior dogs need to stay healthy, and CBD will boost his endocrine system to regulate all sorts of healthy bodily functions.