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Digestive & Nausea

It’s believed that dogs have lived alongside humans for some 30,000 years. Just like us, they can get away with eating all sorts of food and have few digestive issues.

Some dogs however, especially if undergoing treatment for other ailments, can experience mild to severe nausea and digestive problems.

Promoting a healthy diet and digestive system can improve not only your dog’s appetite but also her overall quality of life.


Digestion & Nausea

Properly diagnosing digestion and nausea issues in your pet can often be a huge challenge, because your dog can’t tell you she feels like throwing up until after she does it.

Digestion and Nausea Treatment

Sometimes the symptoms can be psychological – a result of emotional issues – while other times they can be the sign of greater physical problems.

Any changes in bowel movements, vomiting, a loss of appetite, excessive drooling, consistent licking and chewing, and dry heaving can signal problems with digestion and nausea, and you’d be wise to not let these issues persist long before seeing your veterinarian.