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Skin & Allergies

Dogs can have just as many skin problems and allergies as some people. While dogs tend to have fairly consistent diets compared to humans, making it easier to spot traditional food allergies, they’ll have a harder time telling you if their skin is bothersome. If you see plenty of licking, scratching, flaking, or inconsistencies in your pet’s coat, that may be signs of skin problems or more severe allergies.

Signs of Skin Problems

It’s hard to diagnose canine skin problems without a veterinarian, but if you notice abnormal bumps on your dog’s skin, like hives, the first thing we suggest is to try to isolate if you’ve been feeding or grooming your dog with any new products. Keep an eye out for fleas and ticks as well, as sometimes pests may be the problem.

Keeping A Healthy Coat

One of the best ways to treat and prevent the majority of skin problems in dogs is to keep the coat as healthy as possible.

Make sure you’re brushing your dog as often as possible – doing so once a day can ward of many skin problems. Give him a bath once a month using non-irritating shampoo and avoid over bathing as that may cause dry skin. Vitamin E is great to add to the coat to prevent your dog’s skin from drying out. CBD, likewise, helps soothe itchy skin and promotes a healthy coat.