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Joints & Mobility

Our dogs are animals that love to move, run, jump and play, but joint issues are common as all dogs age. Many joint problems are inherent with specific breeds, and you can often see joint problems develop in middle age based on the way your dog sits or moves around. In humans, we often replace our joints as we age, and while that’s possible for your dog, it is often an extremely painful and expensive process. Using natural products to ease pain is a great alternative to invasive surgery.

Signs of Joint & mobility Problems

Joint and mobility issues are relatively easy to see, as you’ll notice your pet moving differently than you’re used to. If you notice stiffness when you dog is getting up, changes in his gait, or odd sitting behavior, it is worth consulting your veterinarian to better understand what maybe happening to his joints.

Keeping healthy joints and preserving mobility

It’s critical that you try to help relieve your dog’s pain and improve his mobility, as joint issues can lead to lethargy and a lack of interest in exercise. When that happens, muscles can deteriorate, causing other health problems. Isolating the exact problem with the help of your vet is critical, but one of the leading uses of CBD is in relieving joint pain and improving mobility.