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Anxiety & Phobias

If you own a dog, you’ll know that his favorite part of the day is when you walk in the door. When left alone, some dogs develop separation anxiety, and treating it can be a challenging process.

You want to know your dog feels good when you leave for a few hours, and working through his anxiety and his fears will leave you with the piece of mind to go to those places that aren’t K9 friendly. Try our Health + Wellness CBD drops to reduce anxiety.


Spotting Anxiety and Phobias

If your dog is overly vocal when you leave, or becomes destructive when you’re not at home, she may be experiencing separation anxiety. And just like humans, dogs are not immune of phobias. If you’ve ever seen your dog cower at the sound of thunder or fireworks, she’s most likely just experiencing fear as a response to a noise she doesn’t fully understand. Keep an eye on your pet’s behavior when you leave and in the face of jarring events and try to shower her with attention and love.

Treating Dog Anxiety And Fear

The best thing you can do to keep your dog happy and free from excess anxiety and fear is to keep her healthy. A healthy diet, with plenty of nutrients and vitamins is the first step.

If you have a puppy, socializing her with other dogs at a young age can greatly increase the likelihood that he’ll have normal social behaviors as she ages. If you feel she is overly anxious, taking her for a long walk often helps. Colorado State University also published a study where 83.2% of customers reported that hemp and CBD products helped their anxious pets a great deal.