Cats are treasured members of the family. Often, they can be very adept at hiding their aches and pains as they age, but rest assured, they have the same joint issues and age-related problems that dogs do. They deserve access to products that can help them age more like the graceful creatures they are.

CBD has been shown to reduce the impacts of aging on all mammals. It is a natural product, extracted from hemp with the healthful benefits of CBD, as well as the full-spectrum of additional cannabinoids found in hemp.

Pet Med Labs feline CBD products help cats live their best life. Our products are formulated and endorsed by leading veterinarians and loved by cats around the world.

Pet Med Labs has created our Feline CBD Drops with the same care and concern for quality that we give all of our other products. We use only the purest CBD, a full-spectrum product that’s rich with phytocannabinoids.
All of our products are made in the USA with only the finest ingredients and are guaranteed to be non-narcotic and safe for your pet.

The many benefits of our Feline CBD Drops include:

  • General wellness to enhance daily life
  • Reduction of stress to encourage a state of calm
  • Reduction of pain and nausea associated with cancer treatment
  • Improvement of appetite and reduction of stomach irritability
  • Reduction of seizure activity in cats diagnosed with epilepsy
  • Reduction in overall pain and inflammation including arthritis
  • Help with reducing dandruff and healing skin problems

And, so much more!


  • Full-spectrum CBD-Rich Hemp Oil
  • Hemp Seed Oil

That’s it! No fillers, no chemicals, fragrances, flavors, or worries! It’s 100% natural hemp.

Dosage Recommendations:
Cats are dosed by weight:
2 to 4 lbs - 2 drops per serving - maximum of 4 drops per day
5 to 9 lbs - 4 drops per serving - maximum of 8 drops per day
10 to 14 lbs - 7 drops per serving - maximum of 14 drops per day
15 to 19 lbs - 10 drops per serving - maximum of 20 drops per day
20 to 24 lbs - 13 drops per serving - maximum of 26 drops per day

Net weight
1 ounce of 100 mg Full-Spectrum CBD Rich Oil from hemp